Sliding Glass Doors
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Sliding Glass Doors

This is a photo of a Fleetwood 3070 multi-slide patio door with 1'' thick insulated glass and a class 1 clear anodize finish. This door can be ordered in  range of colors and glass options. All hardware is Stainless steal making it ideal for coastal environments.

Tech Specs:

Norwood 3070-EX Standard Features

Stock Anodized Finish: Dark Bronze (Class 1) or Cleaar (Class 1)
1" Insulated Glass with Dark Bronze Spacer
6063 T-6 Extruded Aluminum

1-15/16" (per track) Deep Equal Leg (Block) Perimeter Frame
Stainless Steel Assembly Screws
Jamb Filler (s)
Head Filler (s)
Sill Filler (s)
3/4" Height Threshold (No Riser) with Stainless Steel Track
Aluminum Sill Pan

Authentic Precision Bearing Stainless Steel Tandem MAMMOTH Rollers (3" Diameter)
Equal Sized Glass
Archetype 2nd Stainless Steel Multi-Point Latch (96" Height +)
Actuator Height 54"
Adjustable Stainless Steel Strike
Stainless Steel Dust Box
Wrap Around Glazing

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